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Think Before You Send

Think before you send. They just keep coming. Unsolicited emails from people who want me to sign up for their email about their coaching service, business reinvention seminar, special offers for those group buying programs, yoga classes, webinars promising to make my business shine and so many more.

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Help! We need a bigger list!

The drama continues. Email is not a numbers game. Thousands of email addresses from a list broker will not get the results. It’s not the number of people on your list, but who is on your list.

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An Email Success Story from Down on the Farm

As email marketing evolves, budgets have become bigger, the tools and reports become more sophisticated, but it is important to remember that content still remains king. Carol Ann Sayle has produced the very successful “News of the Farm” since 1997 and has some valuable lessons for email marketers.

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A Quick Guide to Email.

Email done right can be the perfect way to stay in touch with your customers or community. A quick guide to email. What is your email reputation?

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