How can two post cards provide $1 million in new revenue?

What can happen when you combine the power of CRM (Customer relationship management) and direct mail?

Knowing who your customers are can be more powerful if you have the right data to know and reach your target. Understanding past behavior can be critical in defining the parameters of any direct mail campaign. Taking data from your business and appending customer records with information relevant to your goals are critical to the success of any marketing campaign.  A good list house is an invaluable partner in defining a campaign but a specialized CRM vendor can create magic with your data.
A Case Study

Projections for the upcoming summer season for a well known Mid-Atlantic resort were not matching expectations.  Looking at significant needs for the upcoming summer, direct mail was chosen as the way to reach new guests and drive occupancy.

As part of an on-going data management effort, one of the most effective CRM vendors in hospitality had been contracted to export data from the property management system of the resort into a specialized database and append the information from public and other sources on weekly basis.  The extensive data base contained critical attributes of past guests, defined by profile and behavioral patterns as well as annual business cycles and patterns. This ongoing effort was used to provide data to guide future marketing efforts.

The summer direct mail campaign was created by “cloning” the characteristics defined in the CRM database of past guests to create attributes for the new guests.  From the data we knew they were families, they attended amusement parks, their spending patterns and other desirable characteristics. A “cloned” list with the key characteristics was acquired for a region located 150 miles away to promote overnight stays. The first of the personalized two postcard campaign, was sent to the new list in early May before most plans for summer vacations were firm.  A second card dropped just around July 4 to capture any family planning a second getaway. The campaign generated over $1 million in revenue for the season by Labor Day and created new guests for the property. It was all about talking to the right people at the right time with a pertinent offer.  Is your business ready to generate more revenue with direct mail?
What success stories can you share? Have you had a direct mail failure?

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